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The Martin Centre for Architectural and Urban Studies

- the research arm of the Department of Architecture

Studying at Cambridge


The Martin Centre Research Seminar Series: 50th Anniversary Series of Lunchtime Lectures

Martin Centre Term Poster 2018 Lent










Lent Term 2018

Martin Centre Lectures Chiu Chen Yu

The Martin Centre 50th Anniversary Lecture series Janina Schupp

Martin Centre Lecture Catrina Stewart

Martin Centre 50th Anniversary Lecture poster Christian Geiss

Michaelmas Term 2017

Week 6 Martin Centre Lecture David Simmonds poster

Martin Centre Lectures Ian Williams

Martin Centre Lectures Prof John Worthington

Martin Centre Lecture week 3 Dean Hawkes

Martin Centre Speaker Poster Francois Penz

Martin Centre Lecture - Dr Hrishikesh Ballal

Easter Term 2017

Martin Centre Speaker Poster - Dr Olga Feldman

Martin Centre Seminars Speaker Poster - Dr Lingqian Hu

Duncan Bowie - Martin Centre Seminar Speaker Poster

Martin Centre Seminar Speaker Poster - James Kruhly

Martin Centre Speaker Poster - Douglas Kelbaugh

Lent Term 2017

Martin Centre Seminars Speaker Poster - Dr Ling Hin Li

Martin Centre Speaker Poster - Rob Naybour

Martin Centre Seminar Poster - Prof Antonello Alici

Martin Centre Seninars Speaker Poster Darren Robinson Yong Mao

Martin Centre Seminars Speaker Poster Stephen Platt

Martin Centre lecture poster Dave Wetzel

Martin Centre Seminar Poster Graham Hughes

Michaelmas Term 2016

Martin Centre Seminars Jennifer Robinson poster

Martin Centre Julia Barfield poster

Easter Term 2016

Daniel Llach poster

Tim Hall poster

David Green poster

Lent Term 2016

Maria-Paz Gutierrez



Dean Hawkes poster



Angela Franco poster

Esther Rivas Adrover

Michealmas Term 2015

Giovanna Guidicini

David Newman


Jason Rentfrew

Ross Anderson image

Kevin Nute



MC Seminars Michaelmas 2015 week 1


Easter Term 2015


Lent Term 2015


04 March  (3).jpg


Lent Term Poster.jpg

Michaelmas Term 2014


nov 5.jpg

 October 29th.jpg