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History and Theory Research Seminar Series

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The History and Theory Research Seminar Series offers a platform for the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and research outcomes in topics related to urban and architectural history and theory, such as urban transformation, spontaneous architecture or on topics related to the built environment. This seminar series works in conjunction with the City Seminar at CRASSH and is organised jointly by the Cities South of Cancer and the Urban Conflict Research groups. All are welcome.

Adriana Massidda
Pawda Tjoa

Format and Location
Unless otherwise stated, the seminar is held on alternate Tuesdays or Thursdays during term time from 5:30 to 7:00pm in the Board Room at the Department of Architecture (First floor, North side), and is usually followed by a dinner in which audience and speaker have the opportunity of continuing the conversation. 'Those interested in attending the dinner, please let us know via by Wednesday morning or the day before the scheduled talk.

Next week's talk is entitled ‘May Mo(u)rn: Transitional Spaces in Architecture and Psychoanalysis’ by Jane Rendell. Click here for more details.

Please note that this Seminar will take place on a Tuesday.

Lent and Easter terms 2014
Geoffrey Kantaris (21 January 2014)
Craig Larkin (6 March 2014)
Barbara Penner (29 April 2014)
Jane Rendell (15 May 2014)

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Past Speaker



Barbara Penner

Unlocking Infrastructure: A Long History of Alternative Sanitation’

29 April 2014

Craig Larkin

An Alawi Fortress in a Rebel City? Tripoli's ‘Jabal Mohsen’

6 March 2014

Geoffrey Kantaris

The White Elephant of Populist Reason

 21 January 2014

Michael Herzfeld

Spatial cleansing, High Modernism and the Crypto-Colonial Imagination of the Past

28 November 2013

 Pauline K.M. van Roosmalen

History and Theory Research Seminar Series: Hot stuff: Dutch Colonial Architecture and Town Planning in Indonesia

 14 November 2013

Ronaldo Ramirez

Urban and Social Development in the Barrios of Havana

 31 October 2013

 Carl Nightingale

How American-Style Urban Segregation Outlived Apartheid, and Other Tales from a Global History of Divided Cities

 17 October 2013

Jacob Paskins

The Life and Death of the Hoverport

5 March 2013

Konstantin Kasstrisianakis

Rethinking Public Space in Beirut: Competing urban territorialities and sphere-building since the Ta'if Agreement

19 February 2013

Dana Arnold

The Spaces of the Hospital: Spatiality and urban change in London 1680-1820

5 February 2013

Flora Samuels

Le Corbusier and the Cult of Woman

22 January 2013

Leslie Topp

Freedom and the Cage: Modern Architecture and Psychiatry in Central Europe, 1890-1914

20 November 2012

Kathryn Firth

Regenerative Catalysts:

From Urban Surgery to the Olympic Park

6 November 2012

Jonathan Hale

Architecture and Embodiment: From the prehuman to the posthuman

23 October 2012

Anita Bakshi

Trade and Exchange in Nicosia's City
Centre: Memories of pre-division urban practices'

9 October 2012

Heba Mostafa

A New World Order: Authority, and sacrality in early Islamic architecture

4 June 2012

Adrián Gorelik

Buenos Aires in the 'Long-Urban-20th Century': from expansive city to archipelago city

28 February 2012

Tao Sule-DuFour

Tupinikim Chegou Agora!: Ethnographic, phenomenological description as a

mode of architectural interpretation

14 February 2012

Dalibor Veseley

From the Conventional to the Latent Reality of Contemporary Architecture

01 February 2012

Adam Sharr and Stephen Thornton

Demolishing Whitehall

17 January 2012