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The Martin Centre for Architectural and Urban Studies

- the research arm of the Department of Architecture

Studying at Cambridge


The Interactive Vision between Architecture and Photography

In schools of architecture students often rely on images; rarely do they have hands-on experience with the actual building. We may say that our first idea of an architectural work comes from looking at a picture, normally a photograph. Yet a photography invariably involves a mode of beholding which preconditions not only our perception of an object but also our conception of it and our relationship to it.

The research aims at studying architecture and photography during the historically decisive period of the Modern Movement, that has so influenced and inspired contemporary architectural design.
The main aim is to create a catalogue that will help to fill a major scholarly gap between the three-dimensional work of architecture and its two-dimensional representation, making the historical heritage available in a way that will be fundamental for future architectural design.

The project - funded under the 7th Framework Program - is held in the Digital Studio of the Department of Architecture: it is in collaboration with the RIBA Library Photograps Collection, the Lucien Hervé Archive and the Alvar Aalto Foundation.