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Cinematic Aided Design

In film, the architecture - the setting - contributes fundamentally to the story, to the atmosphere. The sets or locations, the surroundings where the action takes place, are never incidental, but carefully chosen. As part of the language of the screen, they represent a carefully organised narrative space. By contrast, CAD animations tend to be eerily surreal, despite technical advances such as increasingly sophisticated radiosity algorithms designed to replicate convincingly natural lighting.

Cinematic approaches incorporating some form of narrative expressive space into CAD animation is a challenging proposition at the root of our Cinematic Aided Design philosophy.

François Penz

Populating Virtual Space Expressively by
Means of a Narrative Device: mixing virtual and real on behalf of Kings College for a new building.

Rooms with a View (2001) is an example of an attempt to use cinematic language, CAD animations and blue screen techniques in order to communicate a future architectural design