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The Martin Centre for Architectural and Urban Studies

- the research arm of the Department of Architecture

Studying at Cambridge

Rongweixin Chen

Graduate Student

Research Summary

Integrating advanced natural ventilation systems into mixed-mode buildings: towards a feasible low-energy and thermally comfortable building type for the hot-summer and cold-winter zones in China.

  1. To conduct surveys on existing mixed-mode buildings to see if the mixed-mode ventilation systems work properly: 1) Do occupants feel thermally comfort? 2) Is the indoor air quality maintained at a high level? 3) Does the building really benefit from the mixed mode ventilation system in terms of energy conservation? 4) Are the control systems working properly? If not, try to identify the possible causes of these failures and come up with possible solutions.
  2. To identify good integrated design strategies of natural and mechanical ventilation systems by surveying existing mixed-mode buildings.
  3. Using building simulation approaches to test if some auxiliary low-energy technologies or using other advanced natural ventilation systems would benefit the mixed-mode ventilation systems.
  4. Conduct life cycle analysis on mixed-mode buildings to put forward solutions to make mixed mode buildings more financially sound.
  5. Based on survey, building simulation and life cycle analysis results, propose appropriate integrated design strategies of natural and mechanical ventilation systems, suitable advanced natural ventilation systems and effective auxiliary low-energy technologies to the design of mixed mode buildings in hot-summer and cold-winter zones of China.