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Martin Centre Occassional Seminar: Understanding the Transformation of Urban Landscapes through Satellite Data

last modified Aug 20, 2019 12:19 PM
Dr Hannes Taubenböck (Teamleader, Earth Observation Centre (EOC) of German Aerospcace Centre (DLR) September 2nd, 2-4pm

Hannes Taubenböck will discuss how existing gaps in our understanding on urban landscapes can be filled with Big Earth Data, and how the effects of urbanisation can be made tangible and immediate through new visualisation of such data.

The lecture will include:

  • A comparison of growth among Asian, African, European and American mega cities since the 1970s
  • A new city-size baseline for global ranking, in contrast to conventional municipal boundaries
  • How the European settlements have developed, transcending the national borders
  • How poverty and deprivation can be detected from space in combination with unstructred social network data, especially in areas where population censuses are outdated or non-existent, and how such patterns vary across the globe.

Poster of MC seminar Dr Taubenboeck