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Latest news from 'Cities South of Cancer'

last modified Dec 02, 2013 12:13 PM

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Cities South of Cancer and TEC Monterrey build a community centre in Queretaro Mexico. This is the first of six projects to be built in the next three years in a deprived community north of the city. The two institutions have developed a methods of public participation which allows members of the local communities to express their views on the location, design and construction of facilities that will contribute towards the development of the community. Seven undergraduate students from Cambridge participated in the project and are currently writing dissertations on their experience in Mexico.

Cities South of Cancer 3

PhD candidate Pawda Tjoa and Dr Felipe Hernandez, members of Cities South of Cancer organised a workshop in Jakarta to study different forms in local vendors appropriate the streets along one of the major roads through the city.

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Dr Felipe Hernandez, from Cities South of Cancer is designing a 423 sq Km plan for the eastern edge of the city of Cali, Colombia. The project involved various deprived communities at risk of expulsion. The proposal requires environmental strategies to control flooding, and to convert the river bank into a linear urban productive park through multi-sectoral participation. It also proposes the creation of neutral zones for the traffic of pedestrians in one of the most conflictive areas of the city, and the construction of basic urban infrastructure through public participation.