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Oral presentation: Adriana Massidda

Oral Presentation: Hsin-tzu Ho

Oral Presentation: Jamie Anderson

Oral Presentation: Kaveh Jahanshanhi

Oral Presentation: MingFei Ma

Oral Presentation: Pawda Tjoa

Oral Presentation: Villian Lo

Oral Presentation: Xiao Rong

Alumni Talk: Henrik Schoenefeldt

Poster Presentation: Athanathios Athanasopoulos

Poster Presentation: Elizabeth Wagemann

Poster Presentation: Hui Ben

Poster Presentation: Peter Armitage

Poster Presentation: Tania Sharmin

In Situ 2013 Colloquium Programme

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AUM 2011 Programme

AUM 2012 Programme

AUM 2013 Programme

The Martin Centre Research Seminar Series Michaelmas 2013

AP Poster - Good Bye Lenin.pdf

AP Poster - Urbanized.pdf

History and Theory seminar poster Michaelmas 2013

Disaster Recovery Indicators

Martin Centre Seminars Lent 2014

AUM 2014 poster

Hot stuff Dutch Colonial Architecture and Town Planning in Indonesia - presentation.pdf

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October 29th Lecture.pdf

November 05 the Lecture.pdf

Kevin Nute

Martin Centre Term Schedule Michealmas 2015

Ross Anderson

Jason Rentfrew

David Newman

Giovanna Giudicini

Lent term 2016

Esther Rivas Adrover

Angela Franco poster

Dean Hawkes poster

Maria-Paz Gutierrez

Maria-Paz Gutierrez

Tim Hall poster

David Green poster

Martin Centre Seminars Easter term 2016

Daniel Llach poster

Martin Centre Seminars Michaelmas 2016

Martin Centre Julia Barfield poster

Martin Centre Seminars Jennifer Robinson poster

Martin Centre Seminars Jennifer Robinson

Martin Centre 50th Anniversary poster

MC50 Registration Form

City Seminar - 6 February - Nick Bullock


AUM2018 poster

Applied Urban Modelling 2018_programme

British Academy Internal Application Form 2018

Martin Centre Lecture List Michaelmas 2018

City Seminar Michaelmas 2018

WD Andrews PhD Thesis 2017