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The Martin Centre for Architectural and Urban Studies

- the research arm of the Department of Architecture

Studying at Cambridge

The Martin Centre

The Martin Centre is the research arm of the Department of Architecture at the University of Cambridge. The Centre was founded by Professor Sir Leslie Martin in 1967 as the Centre for Land Use and Built Form Studies, and formally became The Martin Centre in 1974.

The Martin Centre is the leading architectural research unit in Britain, with over four decades of successful research for government and industry, both nationally and internationally. The Centre was formed to undertake contract research, and has an active programme of postgraduate studies leading to PhDs and four Masters degrees.

Martin Centre projects typically cross traditional research boundaries: transportation and buildings, history and philosophy of architecture, digital media design and communication, risk assessment and mitigation in the built environment, and territorial conflict in divided cities. A rich environment of collaboration exists, with other Departments within the University, and with other institutions within the UK, Europe, the U.S, China, Africa and the Middle East. Research contracts, mainly funded by research councils, within the Martin Centre currently amount to in excess of £10 million.

François Penz, Director